April 19, 2015

Our Focus

We specialize in Asian Market Insights, Strategic & Practical Solutions for Aviation, Tourism and Retail Development.  

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For each of these markets, we focus on:

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We meet with your key people from frontline to executive & conduct a needs analysis to fully understand your current situation, philosophy & business objectives with the Asian markets.  

We provide a snapshot of your current positioning with your target Asian market, make recommendations on direction for your business & formulate a highline strategy to utilize on the journey yourselves or engage us for the next stage: developing your Asian Strategy.



We work with you to develop a detailed Strategy for your target Asian markets, that prioritizes and attracts business growth in line with your overall vision.

The Strategy is the crucial road map for your business and includes action plans, time frames, rationale & recommendations for successful execution & outcomes.



We hand craft and design Presentations, Executive Coaching, Workshops and Training programs that fit your brand and resonate with your people to actively engage and touch the hearts of your Asian customers.

Whether you are new to a market e.g. China and thereby want to prepare your team or destination to become ready for China's outbound tourism market and business investors; are more advanced and wish to actually connect at a deeper level with your independent Asian travelers;  whether you wish to learn how to negotiate successfully with Indian clients or prepare executives to be effective on their visits to China, India, Japan, Korea or Indonesia, TravConsult has been helping Clients develop an International Mindset, and much more since 2002.



We facilitate the transformation of your teams – to cross cultures & develop an international mindset so they can proactively and confidently engage, look after and sell to your Asian customers.

Transformation is also a result of successful execution of strategy and we can achieve this for your business through our extensive partnerships within tourism and aviation industries.  We have the experience and brilliant associates, passionate about tourism and aviation, based in each of our key Asian markets.

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