April 20, 2015


We tailor the workshops to suit your business outcomes and the relevant Asian markets.  Some feedback from participants are:

"Makes us more aware & helps improve sales & consumer confidence."

(Team Leader Airport Retail)

“I learnt so much & given insight into areas that I see everyday. I believe there is so much for our team to learn.”

(Assistant Gaming Manager Hotel & Casino)

"Highly important workshop to keep valuable guests and bring new business through building reputation."

(Manager Integrated Resort)

 "Educational, interactive and stimulating. Not once did I lose interest and all the information was very valuable. You are doing great things for Chinese Visitors. Xie xie!"

(Marketing Manager Shopping Centre)


The workshops in highest demand are as follows:


OUTCOMES: acquire latest market trends, insight into consumer behavior relevant to your industry & link significance of these trends to your product, services and business; identify opportunities and formulate action plan to strategically align with your business plan.

TARGET AUDIENCE: board members, executive management teams, sales & marketing teams, department managers


OUTCOMES: acquire skills and knowledge on how to build and maintain relationships to win business with your international markets; understand cultural sensitivities in meetings, presentations, negotiating and entertaining; learn when and how to adapt to the cultural keys that drive the way your Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese & Korean colleagues do business.

TARGET AUDIENCE: board members, executive management teams, sales and marketing teams, department managers, operation management teams



OUTCOMES: gain skills and knowledge on how to warmly welcome, engage and look after your visitors from China/India/Indonesia/Japan/Korea. Practice useful industry specific expressions to connect with your international customers. Gain insight into cross-cultural differences in order to interact in a culturally sensitive manner. Learn how to deliver the customer service needs and expectations of each of the markets and how to effectively manage customer complaints and challenges.

TARGET AUDIENCE: executive management teams, sales and marketing teams, department managers, operation management teams of all levels, front-line teams