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Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


Be My Guest Legacy Program

“Crossing cultures, exceeding expectations, inspiring teams…”

TravConsult’s philosophy was called upon to prepare the Queensland tourism industry to host the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.  Our company was awarded the honor of creating and facilitating a legacy program for the Gold Coast tourism industry – bringing organisations together as one team to be inspired and motivated to deliver the best guest experience possible leading up to, during and beyond the GC2018 Commonwealth Games.

The enormity of this project and importance for our state and city of Gold Coast tourism industry is irrefutable.  This is what our Gold Coast City leaders and industry have to say:

Be My Guest in the Host City of Australia’s Gold Coast

TravConsult’s journey began on the Gold Coast in 2016 with development of a full day program, co-funded by the Queensland State government and City of Gold Coast and supported by Destination Gold Coast.  The strategy was to hone the program to half day mid-2017, and finally in 2018, to craft dynamic 90 minute  presentations with Games-specific messages, relevant information and inspirational stories to create excitement as hosts to 70 nations who would grace the state of Queensland.

The outcomes and feedback of the full day and half day workshops were overwhelmingly positive with participants changing the way they viewed their city, their guests, their own roles as destination hosts and of course, with deeper appreciation of the opportunities that a Commonwealth Games event brings to a region. “Transformational” has been the common response to the program.

Be My Guest in Event Cities of Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane

The undeniable success of the Gold Coast specific program led the Queensland Government Office of the Commonwealth Games to award TravConsult the privilege of developing and facilitating programs as part of the Embracing 2018 Legacy in the other event cities of Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane.  The objective was to ensure a legacy for each destination – a tourism industry committed to creating WOW guest experiences, unique to each different region, bound by the core principles of the Be My Guest Program.  Queensland aims to be Australia’s premier tourism destination.

TravConsult designed a Leaders forum for each region and then region-specific workshops to tap into the pride and passion of its tourism industry, the local hidden gems to share with guests and most importantly, a guest mindset as one destination.

We created the online version of the Be My Guest Program to ensure that all of Queensland’s tourism industry could readily access this legacy project.

The success of this program could not have been achieved without the tireless support of the project leads from the City of Gold CoastOffice of the Commonwealth GamesDestination Gold CoastBrisbane MarketingTownsville Enterprise and Tourism Tropical North Queensland.

The clip below is an example of the Queensland Government Office of the Commonwealth Games funded Townsville Leaders Forum.  We created this after a needs analysis into the industry with the help of Townsville leaders.  Key messages:  pride and passion as a region through collaboration and partnerships – support of each other’s experiences to create one destination that is uniquely Townsville North Queensland and memorable.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

There were so many fabulous professionals who made the Be My Guest Program a success.  People who believed our cities, our state could deliver an amazing experience to those coming for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and they believed TravConsult could help facilitate that motivation. 

Thank you to all who supported the program,  those who sent their teams along and of course those who attended.  It was a privilege to meet you all.  And a privilege to play a part in the transformation of those who attended.